Crepitus (2017) English Movie Official Trailer: A Killer Clown Feasts on Kids in Scary Upcoming Movie

The killer clown party continues throughout the weekend, with IT coming in as one of the greatest horror films of all time. Crepitus comes next, and Bill Moseley proves that Pennywise has nothing on this painted monster. It’s a delicious slice of cotton-colored ice cream that will melt your hand faster than you can scream ‘Help! He’s eating me a clown!

Crepitus 2017 English Movie Official Trailer Watch Online HD *Exclusive*

Haynze Whitmore directs Bill Moseley as Upcoming Movie Crepitus. The film comes from indie studio Ginger Knight Entertainment, and is in the final stages of post-production. Our enemies in Bloody Disgusting have the new exclusive trailer. And it’s a blood soaked doozy that will leave you shivering and screaming.

Crepitus is expected to arrive sometime during the fall season, and could even get to the theaters and VOD in time to enjoy Halloween attention. Because if there is one thing that Halloween needs, it is definitely another creepy clown. Moseley, who fans of horror know of classics like Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 and favorites of Rob Zombie House of a Thousand Corpses and The Devil’s Rejects, is the main attraction in this house of nightmares. And your performance must be worth the price of admission alone. Mosley is playing another clown who eats kids. What seems to be a real epidemic these days. Bloody Disgusting offers this synopsis.

“Seventeen-year-old Elizabeth and her younger sister, Sam, find themselves in more frightening circumstances than life with their abusive and drunk mother when they are forced to move to the home of their deceased grandfather. house, there is something much worse that is interested in them … Cannibal clown called Crepitus.
Eve Mauro, Chalet Brannan, Lance Paul and Caitlin Williams co-star in this horrible tour. Eddie and Sarah Renner are responsible for the script of the drilling. This should be a fun ride for those looking to be scared.

The clip, which can be seen in the embed below, is called “Ice Cream Man”. And ominously begins with the kids on a playground that is being watched over by a treatment pusher who is all smiles. We soon discovered that this “ice cream man” is keeping the children locked up in their house, to eat later, and they have all been marked with a cross on their foreheads. There are a lot of disturbing images, and some horrible clown antics. And it is strongly implicated that Crepitus digs an unborn baby out of a mother’s womb so he can feast on his flexible bones. Hmm. Maybe this trailer will be too much for some of you to handle.Source By:, Upcoming Movies

Crepitus enjoys tormenting his victims with small bells, which he throws in his wake. The clown likes to introduce himself without prior notice for birthdays, bringing presents that are not very nice. Will you be able to handle the wrath of Crepitus? Click Play. We dare to look at everything without closing our eyes.Watch Crepitus 2017 Online Full Movie Blu-rey / DVD Download

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