Exclusive Interview: Sonakshi Sinha reveals her wardrobe secrets

If you were a suit, what would you be?

Your favorite color for nails?
Silver chrome.

The best style celebrity …
Deepika Padukone.

A fashion advice ...
Bring the clothes; do not let the clothes use you. Fashion can be dominant at times, just be comfortable.

A beauty secret …
Lots of water for beauty! For fashion it would be comfortable to dress.

What physical characteristic do you like to play?
My curves. I’m curvy and proud for life!

What facial feature stand out for you?

A fashion trend that discourages you …
(Laughter) ‘Airport’ fashionable.

Does the culture of the paparazzi pressure you to look in a certain way?
Yes. The pap culture has become ridiculous. You just can not get out is not ready to click!

What tends to over-buy?
Tank tops and leggings when it comes to fashion and eyeliner when it comes to beauty.

On a scale of 1 to 10 … how would you rate your personal style?
A modest 7.

Your favorite makeup style …
Defined eyes, bare lips and dewy face!

Your favorite item in the closet …
A black shot, I can join with sooooo many things!

A must-have makeup article …

Your style of jeans …
Skinny Hands Down! It is right on the corners.

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