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Huma Qureshi will soon be seen in a horror movie Dobaara – See her Evil. The actress tells us about her next movie and more. Keep reading …
Dobaara- See Your Evil marks your incursion into the horror genre. As a step?
The film is an adaptation of Hollywood’s supernatural horror film Oculus (2014), which was directed by Mike Flangan. The story revolves around a mirror that is believed to be bewitched. My character Natasha believes that the haunted mirror had a role to play in the death of her parents, while my brother Kabir (Saqib Saleem) does not share this belief. Fir tree owner bahan-bhai sach ki talaash yo nikalte hain. I have seen the original film Oculus. The producers of the film wanted to make this movie in India so they approached us. I thought why not? He’s nervous, he’s great, he’s smooth. We think it’s worth exploring.
How was your experience working with your brother Saqib Saleem?
Very interesting! I’ve never worked with my brother before. We believe that we are the first brother-brother duo in Indian cinema who has made a film in which we are playing brothers. We were fine. It’s like a family.Upcoming Movies
His latest release Jolly LLB2 was a great success. Has life changed for you after that?
Before that, people always saw me as an actor. People tell me ‘ki tum actress badi achchi ho’. When people whose work you have grown up watching and who are legends in their own right complement your ability to act, you feel happy and you are like oh am I really that good? I’m blessed.
What do you want to achieve in your life now?
I want to play interesting characters. I do not want to play boring women. I’m not just that girl. The public should feel ki yeh kuch kar dikhayegi. I want to surprise people. Inshaallah! In the future Saqib and I want to do things together. We want to take content as producers in the future. But it’s too early to talk about it.
What is the good and bad of the industry?
It must be more organized. Creatively, we are a huge force all over the world. People see India with so much interest at the moment. When he promoted the Viceroy’s House, there was so much genuine interest in Indian actors. A few years ago, people saw us as a “singing and dancing cinema”. Today they look at India with a renewed focus. We have excellent writers and directors in our country. Movies in Tamil, Malayalam and other languages ​​move you. So if we oragnsie ourselves we will be able to achieve much more creatively.
What interests you other than the movies?
Books, cook, travel.
Mountains or beaches?
I’m a beach person.
You are single?
It is to find love in your agenda.
Do not.
What kind of compliments do you get these days?
You’re pretty, you’re smart, you’re cool.
What is your opinion on one night?
It’s good for some people.
Your opinion on homosexuality …
Freedom of choice is important.

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