interview: Katrina Kaif 2017 Birthday Girl

“I’m madly in love with the idea of ​​being in love”

‘No questions about Salman, please’ I’m waiting for mandatory notice as Katrina Kaif slides on the couch in front of me. I expect. “What, no warning?” Katrina smiles, “No, I’ve learned to face all those questions.” “Great!” I say cheerfully. “Let me now try to extract as much information as I can about Salman.

“Try everything you want,” she smiles wickedly as she stretches out.

She just flew from Delhi and ran from the airport to the cafe where she meets me. “God, I’m so tired,” she says rubbing her eyes, she orders black coffee, plunges into the cool environment as the soft murmurs of the early hours ripples through the room. She just finished a bustling India Fashion Week and also, “It really gets hard to find a proper house.” It really gets tough when you’re alone and you have to research everything, “he says sipping his coffee.
So far, so sparkling.

The biggest challenge, however, comes now when two of its moives – Maine Pyar Kyun Kiya and Sarkar – are on sale. She is aware of the bets. But all she’ll say for now is, “I’ve given you my best shot.”

Working on both films has been a great experience for the actress. After making my first shot for Maine Pyar Kyu Kiya by David Dhawan, some people were worried that I would not be able to memorize my dialogue, but I was very impressed to see that I knew all my Lines and keys.When I started the movie I was told that I would get my dialogues the day before.But that never happened.I would get my lines on the morning of the launch or 10 minutes before the shot.However, I managed As well as it works on most Hindi films.That’s why I got into the groove from the beginning.Now I’m sure I can handle it in other movies as well. ”
She seems willing to dispel as her doubts about how Hindi-friendly is: “I am very good with the lines and the dialogues.I have done enough classes, I can read and write Hindi very well.Anyway I have made films in Telugu without knowing A word from her. “So speaking Hindi was really a cake after that.”

Her role in Maine Pyar Kyu Kiya tells me she is a naive girl who is a catalyst for comedy. “I’m not supposed to be completely funny in the movie.” Then, before I can ask, he says, “David thought I liked the character, that’s why he wanted me to be in the movie.” It’s not like somebody put a word on me. He’s known to me as a model, so being accepted by the masses in a David Dhawan movie would be a great start. “It’s my big chance to prove myself, and I ended up having a great time.”

SI MAINE Pyar Kyu Kiya was great fun, Ram Gopal Varma’s Sarkar was a pretty intense experience. “In a film by Ram Gopal Varma, everyone is a character, so the length of the paper is not important.” In short, my experience with him, I found it very accurate, David would let you be like an actor. “Do not do this, do not do that, do not get like that. He is very clear, specific about what he wants. So you get it in one or two shots. And he’s very relaxed in sets.

She admits that life was a little subdued in RVG systems after her David Dhawan experience. “But I was very comfortable,” he says. “I would not work otherwise.” I was afraid to work with Abhishek Bachchan because I did not know him so well, but he is very relaxed, he would mock me for being a child and I told him how much he had grown up here. If he thought that a different pause or different stress in the dialogue would help, he would tell me.

“David Ghazal Varma’s set is more serious, more subtle and more realistic, they are separate poles and I enjoyed working on both set-ups.I now have to see what it’s like to be in Somewhere in between. ”

That’s where Raj Kanwar comes in – Katrina signed her next movie. “He belongs to the Dharmesh Darshan school of filmmaking. That should be interesting,” he tells me. “I have a very western imgae and I do not want to get away from her, but I need to experiment with other types of roles.” Raj Ji is very good with the way she introduces women and I hope she will introduce me in a way that will make other directors That they have Indian roles in mind look at me.Its strong emotions, expressions and an Indian touch, which is what I need.That in that sense making a film by Raj Knawar is a very intentional movement.It is not a movement to try to Get a movie hit, but to package myself from m.All 300MB Dual Audio Bollywood Hollywood Free Upcoming Moviesat UpcomingMovies4U.Com

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