Interview: Kirti Kulhari About Indu Sarkar Exclusive 2017

Kirti Kulhari, who was last seen in Pink, is now ready for Madhur Bhandarkar’s Indu Sarkar, based on the Emergency. Excerpts from an interview:

What attracted you to being part of Indu Sarkar?


It was a film that had a great layout in terms of 1975 emergency background. It is a period film. Madur Bhandarkar is directing it. My character Indu Sarkar was the most exciting part of the movie. She is someone who stutters in the movie, so it gave a very challenging edge to the whole character. I could not have asked for a better pink film stand.

Was it a challenge to play the lead role?


It has been the most challenging role for me so far. It has been a challenge in all aspects physically, emotionally, physiologically, mentally.

How did you prepare for the role?

The stutter was undoubtedly the most difficult part of the film, which took most of my time and energy. I started seeing many videos connected to him. Then I met a psychologist to understand the background of Indu Sarkar in terms of a child who has suffered the loss of his parents and loses his voice as a result of the trauma. She was raised in the orphanage. What is your psychological profile, its complexes? The most important part for me was meeting a speech therapist. I learned to stutter correctly through their help. I have a lot of guidelines in terms of how to go about the character and make it as realistic as authentic as possible.

How was he working with Madhur Bhandarkar?

It was an absolute fun trip I took with Madhur and the rest of Indu Sarkar’s team, considering it’s a seriously serious drama movie. Breezed through the movie within 45 days begin to end. Madhur likes to keep him stress free on sets. It is very open to everything I had to say. We had a great and easy time doing the movie.

How has your life changed after Pink?


My life has changed a lot professionally. I’m getting better movies and papers. I’m working with big and best directors and production houses. My movies have a much greater reach. And people are more receptive than they were before. So it’s a great time professionally.

What is your next release after Indu Sarkar?


I made a film with Irrfan Khan named Raita Phail Gaya, which is a peculiar and black comedy directed by Abhinay Deo. This will be released in November or December. I’m really excited about the movie because it’s a great script. And after Indu Sarkar it was quiet interesting for me to make a genre that is different from the serious films that I have been associated so far.

How was working with Irrfan Khan?


Irrfan Khan is a wonderful actor and a realistic person. We have a strange equation in the movie, which you will find when you watch the movie. It is always an opportunity to learn from someone who is better than you. I really hope he makes another movie with Irrfan soon.

What are your other interests besides acting?


I love traveling. Traveling has really taken my life from the last three years and so on. I work and travel. I love food. I love trying different kinds of things. I love watching movies. I love music. I love playing sports. I like to spend my time with my friends and family. I cook from time to time. I like reading too. And I want to work with the UN. I want to take the time to act and I want to be part of something that the UN is trying to do all over the world …All 300MB Dual Audio Bollywood Hollywood Free Upcoming Moviesat UpcomingMovies4U.Com

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