Interview: Rapid fire with Arjun Kapoor

If you were a team, you would be …
It would be track pants and a T-shirt.

Your favorite color …

Your favorite designer …
Kunal Rawal at home and Dolce and Gabbana internationally.

Name the best-known male celebrities.
David Beckham, Saif Ali Khan.

Up West, who is your style icon?
David Beckham and Ryan Gosling.

How often do you shop?
Whenever I travel.

The worst trend in fashion …
Guess the skinny jeans for men.

Your biggest style problem …
Have to dress for others. I prefer to dress.

Is there too much pressure from the media to look better?
Yes and no. I think you should clean up your act when you are ahead of the media. It is a “good” pressure. Other than that, you should wear what you like.

Which item are you going to go shopping?
T-shirts, sunglasses and track pants. Actually, I overbuy everything – especially the shoes.

The best fashion advice you’ve received …
In reality, you must first have your own sense of style. And then you can take the address.

Your only fashion advice for all the guys out there …
Do not wear tight jeans.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your personal style?
It would be at least 7/10 because I make an effort when I go out.

The only trend that is in love with …
Stratification is always welcome. I love chukka boots. And there’s nothing cooler than a plain T-shirt and a leather jacket.

Favorite items in your closet …
My accessories – sunglasses, watches and caps.

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