Iulia Vantur To Make Her Acting Debut With A Telugu Upcoming Film

Iulia was discovered with the uncle of the actor Rahá Daggubati, the veteran Telugu Venkatesh Daggubati.

The Rumor of Salman Khan’s Dance The debut performance of Iulia Vantur is a matter of much curiosity and speculation among her fans. While fans are eagerly waiting for the personality of Romanian television and their singer to make their Bollywood debut, we assume they will have to wait longer. Iulia could start her acting career with a movie from the South, claiming new reports.
Iulia was recently discovered with the uncle of actress Baahubali Rana Daggubati, veteran film star Telugu Venkatesh Daggubati. The two were seen by shutterbugs while leaving a place together in a car. Although the duo did not pose for photos or answer any questions, their meeting has fueled speculation about Iulia’s long-awaited debut performance.
Not only this, Venkatesh Daggubati was suddenly spotted on the sets of one of Salman Khan’s recent photo shoots. The two had a brief meeting after exchanging greetings. It is needless to say that the meeting of the Tubelight actor with Venkatesh Daggubati has added fuel to the speculations whether Iulia will show his face in a Southern film before he makes his Bollywood debut.Koimoi

It is rumored that Salman Khan and Iulia Vantur are in a stable relationship for quite some time. While neither the Bollywood superstar nor the Romanian beauty has opened up about their relationship anywhere, but their continued appearance at celebrity weddings and parties together yield great clues about their relationship status. Very recently, they were exploded as they arrived at a special screening of the Salman Tubelight movie together!
While Salman has been in and out of relationships in the past, rumors are plentiful that Iulia could be the girl who will give the wedding dress to Sallu! Iulia’s presence at Salman’s family reunions and family vacations has fueled such further rumors.

Will Iulia Vantur make her acting debut with a Telugu movie? Does Salman Khan tie the knot with his rumor LadyLove Iulia? Do Salman and Iulia pair up in a Bollywood movie? Well, only time will give the answers!All 300MB Dual Audio Bollywood Hollywood Free Upcoming Movies at UpcomingMovies4U.Com

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