Priyanka Chopra: There are huge stereotypes about Hindi films in the West

Priyanka Chopra says seeing her in the TV series Quantico prompted people to then watch her Hindi films.

Actress Priyanka Chopra says there are still big stereotypes in the West about the Indian film industry and that more actors in India will be needed in the main parties to gradually break such long-standing notions. “There are a lot of stereotypes about India, about Hindi films. There is a lot more awareness now that Hindu movies are such a big industry, but stereotypes still exist,” Priyanka told PTI in an interview.
The star of Quantico says that people expect that Indian actors do not know English, they do not even know how to act and just wait for them to get up and dance. “Those are stereotypes that you have to fight all the time and I suppose it will only come educating the People and taking They see Indian actors in the main parts, (to make them aware) that we can do this.We do not have to put ourselves in a box.But it’s going to be a fight.We’re so few.
Priyanka says watching her on the TV series Quantico prompted people to watch their movies in Hindi. “I think they understand that Hindu movies are not limited to breaking songs and dances at random,” he says. Priyanka, who plays villain Victoria Leeds in Baywatch, which opens in India on Friday, says diversity in global entertainment is the need for time, not just in roles but also in actors.
“I think in the business where there is demand, there will always be supply. Even audiences and people who see and consume entertainment should be open to seeing all kinds of people in iconic parts and not just a certain type of actors or people looking at Certain way, “he says. Priyanka says she would love to see a woman play James Bond or see an Indian actor in a superhero movie without the label of being an Indian and just being an actor. That is when it will become main stream. And not only (from India), but Indian actors from all over the world should be part of global entertainment because that is the world. “We are one-fifth of the world’s population, there should be more representation.”
On whether a Bond movie might be next on her anvil, she says: “You never know.I’m in conversation for a couple of movies here and a couple in India.I do not know if it will be a villain or not but I always look for Make variety in the parts that I choose and I hope that’s what I can do. “Priyanka, who has had a schedule full of Baywatch promotions, is directed to Berlin and London for the film’s premiere. She says she is excited about releasing Baywatch in India in Hindi and English.Upcoming Movies
“I’m really excited about it, people have been a fan of the TV show. I’m really excited that we have very few cuts, people will enjoy the movie,” he says. In his experience of his debut in Hollywood, Priyanka says that while Baywatch is his first American film, it is also his 51st film. “For me, it’s my next movie.This is how I see it.I’m an artist and I will go wherever my work takes me.Wherever you go in the world, you just have to know your work and deliver it.As long as you can do that, Is a great thing “.
From a globetrotting actor to UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, Priyanka juggles various roles in real life and says she is grateful for the opportunities. “It takes a different kind of discipline.I’m driving two races on two continents, you have to give up a lot, give up your dream, give up having a routine or a normal one.It’s a choice you make, there’s no free lunch in the world. “I want to achieve the things that I have set and you have to give up (things) along the way. I’m always tired and jet-lagged, but I love my job and I’m grateful for it, “he says.All 300MB Dual Audio Bollywood Hollywood Free Upcoming Movies at UpcomingMovies4U.Com

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