Twinkle Khanna becomes Vogue Opinion Maker of the Year

Twinkle Khanna was at her best wit when she appeared onstage in the 2017 Vogue Women of the Year Awards. The actor-turned-writer has never failed to make the audience laugh with his hilarious take on different situations and at the awards show, she brought the laughter once more.
The actor won the title “Vogue Opinion Maker of the Year,” and as part of his thanksgiving speech, Twinkle decided to share the things he has learned over the past decade. He started by talking about why we do not need GST in sanitary napkins, and his reason is just hilarious.
She stated, “We do not need the GST in our sanitary pads. What we need instead is an alarm inside it, not a wide one that breaks because it would put us on a different path altogether, but an alarm, however, warns us of an imminent flow and saves us from the 100 trips we make to the bathroom just to check in. Now that is a product we could not rancor the GST. ”
Twinkle then explained why Indian women should stop fasting at Karva Chauth to extend the life expectancy of their partner. “My dear friend who just won an award immortalizes this in her films, but I do not think our 3033 gods are really listening. Mortality, there are 147 countries above us where their men survive our good and old Indians.Therefore, the ladies stop because it clearly is not working, “she elaborated.All 300MB Dual Audio Bollywood Hollywood Free Upcoming Movies at UpcomingMovies4U.Com

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